Staff Spotlight: Say bonjour to Precilla!

Meet Precilla, a member of our Front team and graphic-designer extraordinaire! If you’ve visited the school, you’ve likely seen her big smile as you walk in the door.

What brought you to CLC?

I was working full-time as a cashier for a Home decor store. I just finished school and I wanted to work in the field of Graphic design so I quit my job to focus on finding work in graphic design.

What are your hobbies?

Baking, trying new restaurants, and playing video games

What languages do you speak?

English is my first language and I learned French at school. I also took Japanese classes at CLC a few years ago as I had an interest in the language since high school from watching anime. Now from working around Japanese speaking staff at CLC I have a better understanding. I would also like to get back to learning Filipino since I would like to communicate with my family whenever I go back to the Philippines.

What is something about you that most people wouldn’t know?

I love bad puns

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

  1. Travel to all the continents
  2. Do a Color Run
  3. Master an instrument

What is something you are proud of?

A few ago I went to Hawaii on vacation with my cousins and sister. One day, we went hiking on Koko Head. It’s the ultimate Stairmaster. The trail is a railroad that acts like stairs (1050 steps). After 20 minutes I wanted to give up because it was too hard but I decided to continue after hearing encouragement from other people descending and taking a break. 2 hours later, I reached the top the experience a fantastic view. I use this experience to help me get through tough times.


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