10 Sightseeing spots 10 minutes from CLC

CLC’s new downtown location is surrounded by a mix of historic buildings and new, with art to be seen at every turn. Whether you’re looking for a lunchtime break or an after-school activity, here are 10 sightseeing destinations 10 minutes from CLC.

1. Sainte-Catherine Street West
Walking distance from CLC: 0

Let’s start at the beginning- CLC’s new home is right on St-Catherine, the main street downtown lined with shopping centres, restaurants, and attractions. Follow the street East for culture-filled Place des Arts and Quartier des Spectacles.

Photo credit: Ici Radio Canada

2. Montreal Fine Arts Museum
1380 Sherbrooke Road West H3G 1J5 / 10 minutes from CLC

For art lovers and casual fans alike – this is the biggest art museum in Montreal and the most visited in Canada. Come for the big-name touring exhibitions, stay for the light-filled halls and extensive permanent collection.

Photo credit: Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal

3. Dorchester Square 
2903 Rue Peel H3B 4J5 / 3 minutes from CLC

A picturesque park with manicured lawns, Dorchester Square is a thoroughfare for pedestrian traffic and a go-to spot to eat lunch outdoors. You’ll also find historic monuments dedicated to significant people and events in Canada.

Photo credit: Lesbeautesdemontreal

4. The Underground City
Closest entrance to CLC: Centre Eaton Montréal, 705 Rue Sainte-Catherine West H3B 4G5 / 5 minutes from CLC

A sprawling network of underground shopping connecting major downtown buildings. Although typically trumpeted as an escape from the winter cold, it’s a fun place to explore in and of itself.

Photo credit: Montreal!Go

5. Musée Redpath
859 Sherbrooke Street West H3A 0C4 / 10 minutes CLC

If Indiana Jones opened a museum, you might imagine it to look like Musée Redpath. A little more quaint and cozy than it’s modern art counterparts, here you’ll find three stories of oddities from rocks and minerals to skeletons to Egyptian artifacts.

Photo credit: Musée Redpath

6. Mary Queen of the World Cathedral
1085 Rue de la Cathédrale H3B 2V3 / 5 minutes from CLC

While most visitors flock to Cathédrale de Notre-Dame, Marie-Reine-du-Monde is equally worth a visit (and it’s free). Despite it’s more stoic exterior, it’s interior is a beautifully decorated and modern – an awe inspiring and peaceful refuge in the bustle of downtown Montreal.

Photo credit: Diego Delso

7. Sun Life Building 
1155 Metcalfe Road H3B 2V6 / 2 minutes from CLC

The largest building in the British Empire at the time it was built in 1931, and remains one of the most visited pieces of architecture in the city. Take in the building’s majestic exterior and pop inside to transport yourself back in time.

Photo credit: Businesswire

8. The Bell Centre
1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal H4B 5G0 / 9 minutes from CLC

The home of the Montreal Canadiens and the host of hundreds of concerts and sporting events each year. The centre offers a behind-the-scenes tour that takes you through the history of the team, including special visits to the legendary dressing room, the view from the head coach’s podium, and the press conference room.

Photo credit: Rukkus.com

9. St. George’s Anglican Church
1001 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal H3B 3B3 / 9 minutes from CLC

A small church with a big heart right in the middle of the commercial centre downtown. Visitors come for the beautiful woodwork and stained glass, especially beautiful when the sun is shining bright.

Photo credit: MTLBlog

10. Atrium Le 1000
1000 Rue de la Gauchetière West H3B 4W5 / 6 minutes from CLC

Did you miss your chance to go skating this winter? Hit the ice and take in some stunning architecture at Atrium le 1000, a year-round skating rink in a Quebec’s tallest building.

Photo credit: Le 1000


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