From Japan to Montreal – Say hello to Fumie


I grew up in a small city in Hyogo, Japan. Japanese is my first language. My brother failed an English test when he was a high school student and my parents decided to send me to a language school when I was 6 years old. That was the first reason I started learning English. After I moved Montreal, I started learning French. I want to learn Korean because I have some Korean friends and they speak Japanese. I want to be able to communicate in Korean with them.

I grew up in a small city surrounded by nature. I had nothing to do so I went camping or hiking with my friends. In summer time, we had lots of BBQs and fireworks. I’m passionate about cooking. Since my parents run a restaurant, I helped them a lot. I also love animals. If there are any opportunities, I would like to help rescue animals (like at an animal shelter).

I have been in Montreal for one and a half years. I came in 2016 July when my boyfriend and I moved here together. Canada is one of the most popular countries in Japan, and I was especially drawn to Montreal. The most challenging thing about living here is French, the winter, and adding 15% for tips. My favourite part of Montreal is the diversity and the laid-back people. There are cute buildings and nice cafes. The size of the city is ちょうどいい (just right)。

“[Montreal] is ちょうどいい (just right)”

I work at the front at CLC. I also participated in Japanese tea time and I liked the nice atmosphere. In the future I would like to open a cafe combined with an animal shelter. It would be like a Neko-cafe that also saves animals.

 “CLC gave me the confidence to speak languages”

CLC is friendly and I feel at home here. People are always welcoming and supportive. CLC gave me the confidence to speak languages. Before I hesitated to speak in English, because I didn’t have confidence and tried not to make mistakes. Now I enjoy having conversations with other people in other languages.


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