Chit-Chat with Azusa, World Traveller!


See you later, alligator!

Q1. Can you introduce yourself & tell us why you came to Montreal?

Hi, everyone! My name is Azusa and I’m from Fukuoka, Japan.

I came to Montreal last year because my husband and I thought that Montreal was going to be the best city for us to move to. I had been to Montreal twice before moving here and I already really loved this city.

Q2. What (How many) languages do you speak?

My first language is Japanese, and I also speak Spanish, English and a little bit of French. I learned Spanish when I went to study in Spain, and learned English mostly by myself. And now I’m learning French at CLC Montreal!

Q3. Have you lived in any other countries?

I studied one year in Barcelona, Spain where I first got to learn Spanish when I was 17. Afterwards, while I was in university in Japan, I spent one year in New York as an exchange student. After graduating I spent one and a half year in Cancun, Mexico working as a tour guide. Barcelona has actually become one of my favourite cities in the world! The people, vibes, architecture, culture, food, plus beaches and great weather…it’s my second home. I’m sure Montreal will be close to that soon though. 🙂

Q4. Do you have any interesting hobbies?

I LOOOVE traveling more than anything; I have traveled to about 18 countries. Especially throughout my university years, I worked a lot during the semester and went on a traveling/ backpacking trip on each vacation (I don’t mind sleeping in dormitories with 5 other people). My favourite trip so far was to Bolivia! Uyuni was magical and I somehow loved the capital, La Paz.

I also love creating something and outputting it. Currently, I run my own youtube channel. You can check it out here:

I first started blogging when I was 17 in Spain to record what I was doing, learning or eating or where I went just to show my family and friends. The reason why I started was that I just didn’t want that spectacular experience to be forgotten (by me) someday or buried at some point in a lot of memories coming into my life.

Now I create and upload videos like vlogs (video diaries), makeup or fashion videos etc; just anything I feel like making. I started it basically for the same reason as I started blogging. To me, it’s a place where I can feel free and relaxed. The difference between blogging and making videos is how creative you can be. You have no limits with creating videos/ your own channel from choosing themes of video, camera, lighting, angles to choosing (background) music or making thumbnails of videos. It’s a lot of work but doing something constantly for some time is satisfying and my videos are just like my (visible) diaries that encourage me or motivate me — even though I sometimes get cringe attacks looking back my older videos!

Q5. Why did you live in Mexico?

I was working in Cancun in Mexico as a tour guide since Cancun is a popular beach resort.

Right before moving to Cancun, I worked in Tokyo but I was so stressed out: working in Japan was hard and stressful at that time since I was only working in an office which bored me a little.

I wanted to do something different and above all, I wanted to work using Spanish and/ or working outside Japan. Fortunately, I got a job in Cancun so I moved there. I already knew basic Spanish so it wasn’t hard for me to live in Cancun.


Beautiful beaches are plentiful in Mexico

Bonus Question: What are 3 things did you like about living in Mexico?

I have only lived in Cancun, Mexico so I don’t know about the other cities very much, but needless to say, Caribbean beaches are awesome. In my opinion, it’s the best beach that I have visited.  Besides that,

  1. Relaxing – compared to living in Japan, Mexico and its culture is very very relaxing and slow.
  2. Food – Even though I can’t eat very spicy food (they really eat a lot of chilli everyday) I still found their food culture very interesting, rich and wide. Living in Cancun, I always loved ceviche and seafood tacos, especially ones at the street stand opening only mornings for breakfast. Oh and I can’t forget the avocados and mangoes!! They just have best and biggest of them for very cheap. Next time, I’d love to try more food in other cities!
  3. Nature – Around Cancun and its suburbs (Tulum, Chichen Itza, Riviera Maya, etc), there are a lot of beautiful nature sites such as “Cenotes”, caves, lagoons and beaches which relax you so much and give you energy.

Unforgettable view in Cancun, Mexico

Thanks for having me! Hope you have a great experience at CLC. 🙂



One thought on “Chit-Chat with Azusa, World Traveller!

  1. Azuuu is can keep on telling you how awesome the world is and make you want to live a well travelled life. Great interview and please invite her back for round 2!

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