Chieko: Blogger, singer, and musician!


Hi everyone! I am Chieko. I am currently studying French at CLC two nights a week. I live in Montreal with my husband and our two daughters. Before Montreal,  I lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a long time and Malaysia is like my second home. I am bilingual (Japanese and English) and hopefully, am on my way to becoming a “polyglot,” with the help of CLC Montreal. I am kind of used to the multilingual environment, because in Malaysia, a lot of people are at least tri-lingual. For example, my two daughters are polyglots who speak English, Japanese and Mandarin very fluently, plus reasonable Malay and Cantonese. It’s crazy, right? As for me, since I was not exactly a “multitasking” kind of person, let’s say I dedicated my years in Malaysia more on developing my daughters’ (and my husband’s) Japanese language as their inherited language besides my work as an interpreter/translator, more than focusing on acquiring other languages for myself. We kept our “Japanese at home concept” all the years… you would probably not realize that my daughters were raised outside of Japan when you speak to them in Japanese. Now that they have grown, it’s my turn to broaden my horizon. Learning French is a really mind-blowing experience for me. I find that French culture is profound and beautiful. I especially love French films a lot. I love films with lots of witty dialogues. My favorite top 3 French films now are, “Untouchables”, “Populaire”, and “Le Roi et l’Oiseau.

Since I came to Montreal, I took up a new hobby. I play the ukulele or sing, or both sometimes. Having music in life is wonderful. I can simply play some songs I love and I feel refreshed and relaxed in no time. I love Jason Mraz, Peggy Lee, Eartha Kitt, and I admire all other musicians who sing and play as if it is so effortless with pure joy. I enjoy playing music with my daughters. My elder one performs in public and I support it 100%. So the video below is a clip of us singing together so that you can experience the joy of music with us. I hope you like it.

For those who are currently studying Japanese, I have a Japanese blog as well, writing about my life in Montreal since January 2016, and some useful info if you are interested in migrating to Canada using PEQ (Quebec Experience Program.)

Here’s the link and enjoy reading in Japanese!




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