Five Questions with Megumi


Megumi, volunteering at CLC’s Festive Fridays

Our student of English and school cleaner, Megumi, will be returning to her home country of Japan in a little bit. She has been studying and working at CLC Montreal for just over six months. We are so fortunate to have had her at CLC Montreal as she kept the school in tip top shape! To celebrate Megumi, we decided to do a five questions interview with her. Here’s what she had to say.

Q1: Tell us about yourself and what you do 

HI. I’m Megumi Shibata and I’m an exchange student. I study English and clean the school every weekday.

Q2: What’s your favorite movie? 

Recently, I often watch movies on my IPad. It’s good for improving my listening skills,but I have no idea about English movies. When you see me next time, please recommend your favourite movie to me! I prefer a suspense movie or touching movie. I count on you!

Q3: What’s your favorite thing about Montreal? 

Almost all of my friends thought that my favorite thing is working, right? No!
I love sweets! I like to go to a chocolate shop named Chocolats Favoris! There is one in front of the metro Place des Arts. My friend Beatriz introduced that shop to me. They have a great ice cream and dip into a chocolate. It’s amazing! You will get addicted to chocolate! Even in the winter you can eat ice cream. Try it!

Q4: What languages do you speak and would like to speak?

I only speak Japanese fluently :)わーい わたし日本語じょうず〜〜!and I’d like to speak English fluently but I still can’t understand what I try to say sometimes! Lol.
I need more practice; please talk to me more!

Q5: What makes you laugh?

Of course talking with friends, and texting, talk about my own situation and feelings…a lot! It makes me laugh and relax 🙂 But I prefer to make someone laugh;) Let’s chat and laugh together.

That’s it!

Thank you to CLC Montreal for offering me this interview.



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