All about Mikiko!


Mikiko and her dog atop Mount Royal

Great news, everyone! CLC has a new partnership with SENSES Nails. Students and staff can enjoy a 10% discount off all services. If you want to know more about the lovely lady behind this home-based studio, read on as Mikiko Nakamura explains more.

Hello CLC Community! I’m Mikiko Nakamura. Before coming to Canada, I was teaching Manicure, Aromatherapy and Personal Color coordinating at beauty colleges and private schools in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2013, I started my new life in Toronto because of marriage. Before that, I had never thought of leaving Japan and living in Canada. It was so exciting for me since everything was new to me and I had not imagined speaking foreign languages in my life. It was a little bit of a tough experience for me. Now I am living in Quebec and opened a private beauty salon named “SENSES NAILS” (Nail, Personal color, Aromatherapy workshop) at my house in Westmount. I can offer to my customers Japanese Style Nail techniques (manicure, pedicure, gel nails, nail designs) that are very high quality and safe. 

Also, I can identify well-matched colors (Analyzing Personal Color) by using 120 drapes (clothes) that make people look more beautiful, attractive and healthy. Moreover, knowing your best color is very practical to choose make-up tools, clothes, hair colour and so on…


Nail Art

One or two days in a month, I do an aromatherapy workshop. I believe that it is helpful to send healthy life and very important to know how to use essential oils correctly. Essential oils give good effects on health, but they sometimes cause serious trouble. Learning about Aromatherapy is very interesting and can lead to a peaceful mind. We make bath salts, aroma spray and blend oils at each workshop.



Essential Oils

I feel so happy when my customers show satisfied and beautiful smiles due because of my work. Now I appreciate getting a chance to connect with people who live in Montreal.

I am looking forward to seeing my customers with my lovely dogs, MOMO (shiba-inu), FUKU (miniature-schnauzer), plants and flowers in the room and birds in the garden.

Thank you and I hope to meet you soon,

Mikiko Nakamura

*Manicurist / Senior Educator of JNA(Authorized by Japan Nailist Association)

*Aromatherapist (Authorized by IFA : International Federation of Aromatherapists)

*Personal Color Analyst

Please visit my website and Facebook page:



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