A Look Back at 2016

As the year comes to a close, it is the ideal time to reflect on the past year. At CLC Montreal, many students passed through our doors in 2016. Aside from studying a language, these students had the chance to create lasting memories by getting involved in the Montreal community, participating in our weekly activities, and speaking with guests at Tea Time. All in all, it was a fantastic year and we would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our community! Take a look at our photo gallery highlighting the best moments of this past year. Enjoy!


CLC students brave the cold as they visit the Atwater Market on our Friday Cultural Activity!


Sally Watson (left) studied French at CLC Montreal and returned to our Tea Time activity to volunteer and help English learners such as Diego (right).


CLC students of French enjoy a stroll along the Saint Lawrence River as part of Tuesday’s once-monthly Walking Club. Get some exercise and practice your language skills!


CLC students help out at the NDG Food Depot’s “Good Food Picnic” activity as part of CLC’s Volunteer Club. A great way to meet locals and practice English or French!


CLC’s Festive Friday activity in all its glory. Students, staff, and community members come together to prepare delicious Mexican-style Tacos!


Who wants to go apple-picking, a uniquely Canadian experience? Well, CLC Montreal did just that with over 40 students and staff. It was a memorable time for all. 

pubclubPracticing English or French can be done just about anywhere — including the pub down the street! CLC students enjoy a pint and nachos and converse on just about every topic!

gameclub-1CLC students enjoy Game Club (one of our Tuesday club activities) by playing Charades and Pictionary!


CLC’s Food Club is the place to be if you want to learn how to bake a dessert and then eat it, too! Bonus points if you can learn the recipe in a different language. 

communitylunchOne of our most popular Friday activities: Community Lunch. Students from all four corners of the world gather together and share their food. Afterwards, we prepare a scrumptious dessert together! Such great fun.


Lastly, here is a group shot from our most recent community event: our one and only holiday potluck! Over 100 people joined this beautiful event. 

Thank you again to our amazing community. Looking forward to making more memories in 2017. Happy holidays to all and see you in January!





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