Exploring Montreal’s Chinatown


*Chinatown in the autumn* Photo credit: PotluckMTL

Most big cities in the USA and Canada have their very own Chinatown. Montreal is no exception. Our Chinatown is not as big as others (it only covers roughly one city block), but offers some delicious authentic restaurants and unique shops for every budget.

If you haven’t been to Montreal’s Chinatown yet, what are you waiting for?

Here are a few suggestions for an afternoon out in Chinatown.

First, take a look at the beautiful gates on each side. These are called “paifangs” and are absolutely stunning. The four gate locations are:

North Gate: Saint-Laurent and Rene Levesque
South Gate: Saint-Laurent and Viger
East Gate: Saint-Dominique and de la Gauchetiere
West Gate: Jeanne-Mance and de la Gauchetiere

For more info on location, take a look at the map here.

The second place to check out is the teeny tiny “Dragon Beard Candy” shop located in the heart of Chinatown.  Each piece of candy costs about one dollar and is a delightful combination of sugar, coconut, and nuts. The texture is quite unique too. A must-try for any dessert lover.

Finally, to wash down the candy, how about a Bubble Tea? This popular beverage is available in a variety of flavours and contains dozens of chewy tapioca balls (hence: the bubble in Bubble tea). You can find one just about anywhere in Montreal’s Chinatown. Average cost is about 5 bucks a pop.

To find out more about Montreal’s Chinatown including fun facts about the history of this beautiful Montreal spot, please check out MTL Blog’s article here.

Until next time,



It’s not a cotton ball; it’s Dragon Beard Candy! Photo credit: FoodGal


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