Fall in love with Montreal

Montreal in the Fall
(Photo credit: Montreal.about.com)

A Beautiful Fall

The leaves are changing and so is the weather

It’s time to put away the shorts and put on the sweater

Halloween is near and Thanksgiving is coming

My favorite time of year this is becoming

‘Tis the season of pumpkin and apple

An ordinary time for loved ones to meet at the chapel

I wish they appreciated the beauty of fall

Then and only then they could see why it’s the best season of all

(Poem written by: Julia N. Dean)

Ahhh…autumn is here! Even though the weather is getting cooler, there are still plenty of great activities to do in and around Montreal. Here are five fall activities to do with your friends and family.

1) Hike on Mount Royal
What’s not to like? You get a beautiful view and free workout at no cost…and lovely fall foliage!

                    A beautiful view atop Mount Royal                                              (Photo credit: Michael Vesia Photography)              








2) Visit the Garden of Light Festival at the Montreal Botanical Garden

Guaranteed fun for the whole family — and lots of photo ops.

This event is on until the end of October. For more information, click here.

3) Check out the Atwater and/or Jean Talon Market

The two largest indoor/outdoor markets are easily accessible by public transit and offer tons of fresh, local produce at affordable prices. Pumpkin pie, anyone?

4) Go apple-picking!

There’s still time to pick fresh apples by the pound. Most orchards stay open until the end of October. Pack a picnic and drive off to any of the following spots.

5) Rummage through a Fall bazaar or vintage fair

Montreal has no shortage of awesome Fall fairs starting in October. The Montreal Gazette prints a yearly article about where to find the best Fall fairs in the city. Check out their website for more info.

Whatever you plan on doing, rest assured that Montreal has plenty of fun fall activities!

Share your favourite fall activity with us in the comments below.



CLC students and staff enjoyed an apple-picking outing on September 16, 2016


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