Tristan: Star Spanish Student

Tristan Blog Post Pic

I first met Tristan in January when he enrolled in his first Spanish session at CLC. He was planning an eventual trip to Latin America and wanted to improve his Spanish speaking abilities. Since then, he has continued on to the next three levels of Spanish and has not only been a star student in class but also a champion of our Spanish program by encouraging classmates to continue on in their Spanish language learning.

We asked Tristan if he could share with us his experience at CLC thus far:

I enjoyed taking Spanish classes at CLC because of the welcoming atmosphere and pace of the sessions. It’s important to improve by your own needs to progress and my teacher always ensured that each student was aware of what to focus on which was a huge benefit.

What really made things flow in class was having a smaller amount of students than other schools. That was one of the reasons why I chose to enroll at CLC. My experiences in the past with language classes always felt like I was missing something to connect it to the real world–you know, outside of the classroom. But what was a big difference at CLC was focusing more on oral practice instead of constant black board note-taking.

The way I’ll approach learning Spanish in the future is by integrating it into my life from chatting with strangers, listening to music or even browsing Spanish websites. A big thanks to my teacher, Florencia, and the staff at CLC for supporting me and my new life-skill!

If you’re interested in injecting a little Spanish into your life, then join our upcoming Spanish session on Saturday, September 10th from 10AM-1PM. If you’re not a morning person, we got you covered: join our Tuesdays and Thursdays session starting September 13th from 6-8PM!

Nos vemos!

-Alexandra Diaz


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