Five Questions with Jacques!


Jacques has been helping out at English Tea Time for over a year now as an English volunteer so were curious to find out more about him.

1. Tell us about yourself and what you do.

I’m Jacques, a software consultant who teaches programming in CEGEP on
the weekend.

2. What inspires you to reach your goals?

My goal is to change the world in a new and creative way. That’s why I co-created, a website to help people learn Japanese and Chinese. I’m always looking for new ways of doing things and I often get excited about new ideas. I’m like a mad scientist, always creating something new to c…

3.  Who do you admire most?

The person I admire the most is Stephen Colbert. He always makes my day
brighter and I wish I could be as funny as him.

4. What is a typical day for you?

A typical day for me is to do a short workout and then work on my
computer. During the evening I read a book or I meet with friends or

5. What languages do you speak and would like to speak?

I speak English, French and Japanese. I would also like to learn Chinese.


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