Student By Day, Film Director By Night


Brazilian CLC student of English, Matheus Cavaliere, is a director by profession and is currently working on a documentary about urban agriculture. He and his wife have been working passionately on this project for a while now. He hopes to have the documentary completed by the end of the year.

Release- SEMEAR Film

Our urban way of life has created a distance from the nature and the deepest level of our being. However, many people are seeking change. Passing through art and reality, the documentary deals with different perspectives of contemporary agro-ecological agriculture as a practice to change societies and urban policies.

The film presents urban agriculture in different cities, but particularly São Paulo and Montreal, two different realities with similar problems.

You are going to watch amazing personal histories, projects, social mobilizations and local governance, and we expect to spread out creative solutions to deal with food insecurity, waste, microclimate and local economy.

To find out more about this film, be sure to check out the documentary’s Facebook page at the following link:

Way to go, Matheus! CLC wishes you the best of luck on this project and looks forward to watching this awesome documentary!


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