Canada’s birthday is this Friday, July 1st. It is a beautiful occasion to celebrate living in Canada. However, it is also a day to pack up one’s stuff and move to a new place.

That’s right, CLC readers. This Friday, July 1st is Moving Day in Quebec. Thousands of Montrealers will be moving to a different home or apartment. In honour of this tradition, CLC students of English have created an easy checklist to help you clean up your place, whether you are moving or not. Feel free to share this list with everyone you know. Here we go. Ready, set, clean!

Living room

  • Vacuum the floor (especially under the carpet and below the furniture)
  • Dust the furniture
  • Wipe the coffee table and chairs
  • Make sure everything is put in order


  • Organize books and dust the bookshelves
  • Wash your bedding (sheets, shams, etc.)
  • Throw away the things you don’t need
  • When you clean the windows, use newspaper with liquid soap
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floor


  • Clean the bathroom sink first with cleaning products
  • Disinfect the toilet for 10 minutes (using toilet bowl cleaner)
  • For the mirrors, use some cleaning products and wipe dry with newspaper
  • Last, sweep and mop the bathroom floor and wash the rug two or three times per month


  • Organize the pantry and then clean it
  • Second, wash the dishes and take out the garbage so the kitchen is beautiful
  • After, it is necessary to clean the kitchen table and clean the kitchen floor.
  • First, sweep the floor and then mop the floor (you need cleaning products and a bucket).
  • To finish, wipe the stove with a brush and dry with a cloth


  • Organize tools and everything that is inside the garage
  • When it is organized, it is good to sweep the floor, because then we do not take the dust into the house or the car.
  • Make necessary repairs like changing light bulbs and painting walls
  • The last and most important is to wash the car with wax, remove the garbage inside it, and so everything is cleaned up!

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! A concise list of helpful tips to make everyday cleaning a breeze. Thank you to the following CLC students: Daniel, Marlene, Yuki, Alejandra, and Yuri. Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite /least favourite chore!



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