JeeYoung’s Love of Singing

Jeeyoung pic

At CLC, we love to play music and sing together. Since April 2016, JeeYoung (a full-time French student) has been serenading CLC students and staff with her angelic voice every Friday morning. We decided to interview her and find out more about her passion for singing.

Question 1: At what age did you start to sing?

I remember when I was young, I liked to sing songs on my own. One day on Children’s Day, I saw a TV program where young children had a singing competition. I imagined as if I were there. In fact, I went to a Catholic church accompanied by my mom. I played the organ there, but I didn’t feel like singing there. I remember one day when I was 17 years old, I decided to take vocal lessons to apply for the vocal studies in university since I was not very confident of my way of being a pianist. A pastor’s wife gave me vocal lessons. I started to learn how to read Italian and German so that I could sing European classical songs. In spite of all those efforts, I was not sure of being a classical singer too. Now I realize that is a matter of a confidence of myself. However, when I was in England after graduating from University, I began to go to church for the first time and played the piano of spiritual songs as an accompanier. I also liked to sing them there. I hadn’t realized that my musical talents were so valuable until then. Since then, I have always been a member of a choir or a soloist and played the piano in churches.

Question 2: How do you feel when you sing?

Even though most of my favorite types of music became hymns and contemporary praises, I enjoyed singing the songs from musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music or Beauty and the Beast which I used to teach when I was an English teacher in the private kindergarten. First, I practice several times to discover if the songs I’ve chosen would suit my voice, my favor and my feeling. Then, I sing the songs chosen more often just in case there are chances at schools or churches. Before I was a Christian, I liked singing popular songs alone or with a friend of mine. When I was a high school student, I liked singing popular songs in English but didn’t own the precise purpose of singing. I think that was my adolescent period when I tried to search for the aim of my life. After being born again, however, I gained more confidence in singing. No matter what songs I sing, I enjoy singing in front of the audience feeling more and more professional and stable. Most importantly, I feel most relaxed when I sing gospels.

Question 3: Who are your musical inspirations?

I liked watching players who sing and play musical instruments like piano or keyboard at the same time. I found out that there were not many pastors or missionaries who could perform both at the same time. There is a pastor called Scott Brenner who is a pastor in a church, pretty well-known for his praises in Korea. More than anyone else, my husband supports me a lot. He likes my songs and likes to help me sing in churches with his background knowledge to make better use of the mechanical tools such as an amplifier or microphone. For the last two years before I came to Montreal, I had enjoyed working for my church singing with soldiers and providing them with the food they missed. I was so proud of making our own CDs with our own voices and accompaniment.

Question 4: What’s your favourite song to sing and why?

Whenever I go to a new place to sing, I choose to sing “You raise me up” because there is a message of encouraging us when we are weary physically and spiritually. I also like to sing “Memory” from the musical Cats since the melody is very beautiful. Now I practice to sing songs in French as well as in English until I gain the fluency in two different foreign languages.


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