Why I Love Teaching at CLC


CLC is a great community, rich in diversity, international in scope. It’s a place where you can experience foreign cultures in variety such as Japan, South Korea, China, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, as well as Venezuela and Mexico. Just a few countries from which I have now made friends. It makes me want to travel to these places soon!

As we sit together in classes and in the hangout times which naturally occur, I have seen national differences, longstanding divides melt, as we engage in open conversation. That is the beauty of CLC.

It’s a privilege to be a teacher here. Just as each student arrives with cultural uniqueness tied to background, hometown, native language, even so, each teacher brings all these factors into their teaching at CLC. In that, I am like my colleagues. Growing up on a farm in Alberta, being a musician, an avid reader, a husband and father of three daughters all plays into my teaching, as does my years of experience in my primary profession as a pastor/minister of a church.

As a pastor, my inclination is to engage people, talk with them, discover their interests and dreams, as well as to share their challenges or accompany them through the difficulties life inevitably brings to all. As often happens, people far away from home and family need someone to talk with, and are most appreciative when we actively listen. We may be from different corners of the world, we may differ in age, etc., but we are common sharers of the human experience, and that’s grounds for connection, which is what CLC is about.

Recently, as we celebrated Easter, a number of our foreign students, unacquainted with the basis of this Christian holiday, asked me to explain its significance. It was a pleasure and made for some interesting discussion. 

One of the things I love to do at CLC is to bring my guitar and perform some songs before classes on Friday morning. It’s such a pleasure as a musician to share in this way. Recently, we have had some of the students join in the fun, with singing and playing their instruments. There have been some magic moments together that make for a great start to Friday classes.

I consider it a privilege to be part of the CLC community.

-Curtis Matoga


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