Growing Up Diaz: Easter Traditions

Easter Sisters

Growing up, Easter was always a special holiday for me because it was a day of celebrating the beginning of spring with family and friends.

In the days leading up to Easter, we would visit the “Easter Bunny” at the mall and would wait in line to get our photo taken with him much like we would with “Santa” during the Christmas holiday.

The day before Easter, my mom would sit down with my sister, Elise, and me, and together we would prepare the Easter Eggs for the following day. This entailed boiling the eggs, dying them different colors, and then decorating them with stickers, markers, and gold pens.

On Easter morning, Elise and I would wake up  early to see what the Easter bunny had brought us. It was always a huge Easter basket filled with marshmallow Peeps and chocolate Cadbury eggs that we would open as if it were Christmas morning. Afterwards, we would get dressed in our lovely Easter outfits that my mom had meticulously planned days in advance complete with hats, gloves, little purses and patent leather shoes. We would then head out for Sunday mass.

After mass, we would have an Easter party at our house where we would invite family, friends, and neighbors to have lunch and participate in an Easter egg hunt with eggs that we had beautifully decorated the day before. There was also the egg toss where a group of kids would toss a raw egg to their partner until the egg broke — last egg unbroken won the toss!

As we got older, everyone got busier, and we no longer spent time decorating Easter eggs like we used to, but the one thing that remains is our strong connection to family. No matter where we are in the world, we still make an effort to be together on Easter, because for us, Easter means celebrating family.

-Alexandra Diaz


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