Japanese Teacher of English Scholarship Project

Great Earthquake
The mission of CLC was forged and greatly affected by many of our experiences in Japan. We have always endeavoured to support Japan and the Japanese culture through a myriad of activities and events. And of course, as a language school, we also offer Japanese language lessons & cultural workshops, without profit being the prime motive, in order to help spread the beauty of Japan and support Japanese teachers in our community.

Through fundraising efforts connected to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, we have collected a modest sum of money, which we always promised would go towards providing relief. As a language school, we have deeply considered the wisest way to allocate these funds, and have finally settled on an answer:

 Today, we aim to start a scholarship program to bring a public school English language teacher from the Tohoku region to Montreal and provide them with two weeks of intense, yet humanistic language training, along with opportunities to take in the unique culture of Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

Our aim is to pay for the airfare, lodging and tuition of the individual, and escort them on numerous excursions around the city. From Monday to Friday, their mornings would involve language lessons, while the afternoons would be dedicated to exploration. We believe this will greatly refresh and renew the spirit of the teacher. Through this gesture, we will show them that the world still deeply cares about the tragedy and will not forget all those Japanese still living with the aftermath.

 We feel this is the best way for CLC to help, in that, if we can empower and build passion in even a single teacher, they can ignite the flame to learn and inspire all of the students that they teach. In this way, we hope that these students – the future of Japan – become good citizens not only of Japan, but of the world, and will help create a better tomorrow. Through the seeds planted by the teacher, we want their students to thrive and to have dreams.

We are looking for support for this Scholarship Project.  If you are interested or in  a position to help, please don’t hesitate to connect with me at: scholarship@clcmontreal.com, 514 903 8897.

Sincerely yours,

Arnel Javier
General Director
CLC Montreal

Fukushima Event


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