Tim’s Story

Tim's Story

I first met Tim when he came to his first Spanish class at CLC. He came to the course with a very clear objective: he wanted to learn Spanish to communicate with locals during his journey accross Latin America. But this was no ordinary journey. Tim left Montreal on a motorbike in August 2015 and has covered exactly 30,025 km to reach the southernmost province in the world: Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

“The Long Ride for Dad” is a solo journey that Tim undertook in memory of his father, whom he lost to kidney cancer in 2012, to help raise awareness and funds for research and treatment for this disease. The trip is backed by Kidney Cancer Canada and Tim has set up a fundraising page for those who want to help his cause: https://goo.gl/RJJYh3

This amazing journey has taken him to incredible places and has given him the chance to meet great people from all over the continent. Tim has been sharing his adventure on his facebook page: https://goo.gl/upKnkJ posting photos and comments about what he has encountered and learned in the past five months.

On February 8th he finally reached the “end of the world” and completed his journey. In his own words: “Well today after 171 days and exactly 30,025 kilometres I can say that I have indeed accomplished that feat. It was a very emotional moment arriving at the sign and thinking of everything that has happened to make it to this point, but now I can finally rest easy knowing that the goal has been achieved. I took a long time to reflect on the journey and laid a picture of my father beside the sign at the end of the road. He was definitely here with me today.”

Congratulations, Tim! We at CLC are so proud of you for accomplishing this awesome feat!


Florencia Cerchiara
Profesora de Inglés y Español
Traductora Literaria y Científico-Técnica de Inglés y Español

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