Intergenerational Meals

A couple of weeks ago, English and French students from CLC participated in the Intergenerational Meal activity sponsored by the NDG Food Depot. The students visited a senior residence in NDG and
created a meal for them from scratch including dessert. This time around, they prepared a Dragon
Bowl (which is an assortment of raw and cooked veggies as well as quinoa) topped with a peanut
sauce and the dessert was a platter of black bean cookies! Here is some feedback from some of the students who took part in this volunteer event:
-”It was so well. I know other reality of the city and I met new people very nice who taught me a lot.
I enjoyed.” Felipe (Chile)
-”It was great experience to help NDG representative to prepare food for the elderly. We felt the
warmth coming from everybody’s hearts. It was very pleasant for everybody to cook and eat
together and hear their experiences.” Ruta (Lithuania)
-”When I arrived there, they greeted us kindly and happily. After preparing and cooking for them &
us, we could talk with them. They knew that we have learned English or French so they spoke
slowly to make us understand. It was a nice experience. I want to join again!” Jeong Ha (South
-”This was an enjoyable activity. It made me understand the different lives of the local elderly and
the elderly living in China. I hope to have more opportunities to volunteer. I think this activity as
CLC students not only cook food for them, but also we should have a talk to them. Older people
often feel lonely.” Alan (China)
-”It was an awesome experience in my life. During preparing a meal, I felt other people’s minds were
warm. Thank you, CLC.” Seo Young (South Korea)
This was an activity that the students really enjoyed, so needless to say, we plan to be back in the future!

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