Written by: Jeongha Lee, Youngsun Kim, and Graciela Saccani

”You have permission to rest. You are not responsible for fixing everything that is broken. You do not have to try & make everyone happy. For now, take time for you. It’s time to replenish.”(author anonymous)

The following is a gift list to help reduce stress:


Mother’s Litte Helper (loose leaf tea)
This tea is made of peppermint, lemongrass and valerian root. These ingredients help to improve quality of sleep and avoid illness.
Store: David’s Tea, 5518 Monkland Avenue.
Price: $15.80/100 grams


Chamomille Tea/Traditional Medicinals
The chamomille plant is used to treat stress and insomnia.
Store: Fleur Sauvage, 5561 Monkland Avenue.
Price: $5.99/20 bags


Massage Kit
We prepared a suggestion to make-your-own massage kit:
1. Wooden stress buster massager $1.99/each
2. Foot roller $6.99/each
3. The zinger head massager $3.49/each
Store: Fleur Sauvage, 5561 Monkland Avenue.
Price: $12.47/total


Lemon Cypress Tree (mini-tree)
This beautiful tree will bring relaxation and well-being
meanwhile decorate your house for Christmas.
Store: Fleuressence, 5665 Monkland Avenue.
Price: $20.00/each


Photo Album
It’s a hand-picked photo album to bring your good memories!
Store: Photogenie 1, 5661 Monkland Avenue.
Price: $12.00/each


Adult Colouring Book
When you are colouring the beautiful mandala drawings, you are
able to forget your stress and will only see wonderful pictures.
Store: Kidlink, 5604 Monkland Avenue.
Price: $9.99/each


The sudoku book can distract you from your everyday problems.
Store: Kidlink, 5604 Monkland Avenue.
Price: $5.95/each


The Chocolate Cupcake
All your stress will melt away in your mouth.
Store: Chocola (pastry shop), 5601 Monkland Avenue.
Price: $2.95/each


Bamboo Standing Chimes
This self-standing chime decoration will bring positive energy
and bamboo music into your home.
Store: Ten thousand villages, 5675 Monkland Avenue.
Price: $42.00/small, $50.00/big



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