Fall Ideas

Parc Mont-Royal fallpicture by Amina T.

Autumn is officially upon us!

The weather in Montreal has gone from humid and hot to virtually freezing in a matter of days. Yes, it’s safe to say that after an unusually warm month of September, October marks the start of this transition season. If you’re looking for things to do in Montreal during the autumn months, here are a few popular activities that take place at this time of the year.

1) A lovely walk on Mont Royal

This one is for all nature lovers. Nothing beats a cold fall day than an energetic walk on the city’s mountain. The leaves are changing colours and the view is truly spectacular. Do dress warmly for this activity, though.


2) The Lantern Festival at the Botanical Garden

Every year, Montrealers eagerly await this festival which often runs until November. The Botanical Garden is covered in beautiful lanterns of every shape and size. This is more of an evening activity but one can visit during the day as well (especially if you have children).


3) Cacao 70 / Juliette et Chocolat

These two chocolate shops are extremely famous in Montreal. Both offer an array of delicious chocolate desserts and ice cream. They are sit-down restaurants, but you can also easily pick up a brownie to go! My personal recommendation is the “Intense Brownie” at Juliette et Chocolat. With a giant glass of milk, of course.


4) Montreal Zombie Walk

This event is for all those who love goblins and monsters. People dress up as Zombies and parade around Montreal. So simple. And tons of fun.


If you have any other autumn ideas, please comment in the box below.

Have fun and stay safe!



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