5 questions with Ben

Ben CLC Montreal

1. Can you introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Ben. I like to eat all the granola bars from the CLC vending machine. Besides that, I also do web design and I help at the front desk. When I am not eating at CLC, I like to eat at home or outside with friends. Once in a blue moon, I breakdance too.

2. What do you think about CLC?

It is a pretty cool place; I heard we can learn language there and that people are nice. It also feels like a lil’ community. The environment is really cozy and familiar. I discovered CLC through tea-time and I think it’s awesome to have that kind of language exchange.

3. What do you think of Montreal?

It’s a big village. Everybody is connected somehow but at the same time there is a lot to discover. I like the diversity, too. You can eat food from all over the world and there are all kinds of activities for all kinds of crowds. You just have to explore. Montreal is pretty big on festivals, too. In the summer, there is a different festival every week or so.

4. What is your favorite quote, saying or proverb?

It changes often. Sometimes there is one that I can relate to more during a certain period of my life. Lately, I read somewhere something like this: “Try to improve 1% daily.” I think being consistent is really important and to continuously strive to become better. Even if it’s 1%, in the long run, you’ll see big changes.

5. What does the word “thrive” mean to you?

To grow to one’s full potential, to excel despite obstacles. To bloom with energy which makes the surroundings and yourself more beautiful.


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