NDG Intercultural Festival

NDG art

Happy Friday to the CLC Community and beyond

If you are not sure what to do this coming Sunday, we have a wonderful recommendation: The 4th annual NDG Intercultural Festival. This unique festival is taking place in Girouard Park (easily accessible from Vendome metro OR just a few blocks down from CLC).

Here is more information about the event as stated on their website:

“This year, we’re organizing the 4th edition of the NDG Intercultural Festival, in partnership with the NDG Community Council and members of the NDG Intercultural Table. On August 30th, 2015 in Park Girouard (corner Sherbrooke and Girouard) from 12-4, we will be showcasing different cultural aspects of the different groups living in NDG including food, costumes, dance, music and games. It is also a great opportunity for local multicultural businesses to promote themselves.”

Since the community at CLC is so diverse, this seems like the perfect event to attend with loved ones and friends alike. The weather is looking fabulous for Sunday so please go and check it out!


CLC Community Lunch


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