Culture week – Just for Laughs

Just for laughs

Montreal is a beautiful city as many people know. It has a vibrant culture and so much diversity. But did you know Montreal is also one of the funniest cities in Canada? If you’re in the mood to laugh (and who isn’t after our brutally cold winters), then check out the Just for Laughs festival. This is the time when comedians from all over the world come to Montreal to show off their stand-up skills. The festival attracts thousands of people every year and is internationally-recognized. This year, the festival welcomes Howie Mandel (a fellow Canadian), Neil Patrick Harris, Sir Patrick Stewart, Ellie Kemper, Wanda Sykes, and so many more. This festival connects Montrealers each year and is a conversation starter! Shows run until July 28th. Don’t miss out.

CLC students will be visiting the Place des Arts Just for Laughs outdoor area on Friday, July 24th. There are lots of free activities to take part in; if you’re interested in joining us, please sign up at the reception! And if you are really brave, you can register for a comedy course at Montréal École Nationale de l’Humour.



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