“J-dogs! J-dogs! Come and get ‘em.”


Once again, for the fifth year in a row, CLC treated Montrealers to a delicious (and affordable)
J-Dog during the Monkland Grand Prix Street Festival. This tradition began five years ago at the Matsuri Japon festival in Montreal. Four delicious J-dog flavours were offered: regular, wasabi mayo, kimchi, and okonomi (Japanese-inspired specialty including nori, pickled ginger, fish flakes, and sweet sauce – a must-try).

Teachers, staff, and students participated in this fundraising event, volunteering their time to dress up the hot-dogs and to interact with guests. In total, about 1500 hot-dogs were sold. The money CLC raised will help support the Tea Time program as well as other activities around the school. After all, CLC’s mission is to integrate culture and language within a community perspective; therefore, getting out there in the community is an important part of what makes CLC so unique.

In case you missed out on trying what is arguably the best hot-dog in Montreal, fear not. CLC will be hosting two more events this summer – at Matsuri Japon and the Flavours of Monkland Festival (both in August). The Volunteer Club at CLC will be recruiting student volunteers in July, so please let us know if you would like to help out.



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