Québec food – CLC style!


CLC has a tradition of cooking activities that go back to the beginning of the school.  One of these activities is our Community Lunch, where students get together to cook exciting food.  Sometimes our students will share recipes from their home countries, and sometimes we cook local Canadian dishes.

This time CLC students made Québec sugar pie, or Tarte au sucre in French.  Sugar pie is very easy to make, and it is also a dish with a lot of history in Québec.  All you need is a pie crust, sugar, eggs and cream and before you know it you are in sugar heaven! 

Friday afternoon can be a tiring time for many, that’s why a relaxing afternoon cooking with classmates is the best way to welcome the weekend, and work on your language skills at the same time.  When we cook, learning feels like playing and the more fun you have, the faster you will learn!


Article: Terry

Photos: Ayako and Precilla




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