CLC and Éco-quartier NDG – Working together for tomorrow!

CLC and Éco-quartier NDG have a history of helping each other.  CLC has an active student volunteer program and for the past few years students from CLC have been given the chance to volunteer with Éco-quartier.  Volunteering outside the school is not only a great way to help out the local community, but it’s also a fantastic chance to use your language skills in real world situations, meet new people and see a side of the city that is hidden to many.IMAG1348

Éco-quartier is a program that organizes activities to improve the environment of the community.  Workshops on environmental issues in the city, garden work at one of the number of local community gardens or distributing recycling information and materials were just some of the activities CLC students got involved with.

One the reasons this partnership has been so successful is the all hard work done by the people at Éco-quartier.  For this reason we were sad to hear that Julie was leaving Éco-quartier.  Julie’s enthusiasm towards both environmental and social issues was contagious, and made her a favourite with our students who visited her every week. Good luck in the future!

IMG_4997 (2)(1)



Article: Terry

Photos: Julie K, Terry


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