3 reasons why you should check out MASSA

massagrilladerieAt CLC, we have a tradition of working with our local community and forming partnerships with local businesses.  One of these happens to be Massa Grilladerie Grecque.


Best Greek around

If you are in the Monkland village, there is no doubt about it this is the best Greek place around.  From Tzatziki to Calamari, and from souvlaki to gyros, there is no questioning the authenticity of this restaurant.

Friendly staff

If there is one thing that Massa does right, it’s the amazing service.  Warm and welcoming staff are there from from the moment you walk in the door, and always try to make sure you leave with a smile.

Well priced lunch choices

What you might know is that Massa is also a fairly priced lunch spot, with pita sandwiches starting at $5.50.  You can get your Greek fix and not have to spend a fortune while doing it.

So next time you’re around Monkland, check out Massa and see what classic Greek cuisine is like for yourself!


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