How to enjoy a Montreal winter

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Winter can be a hard time of year.  Long nights, little sunlight, freezing temperatures and icy winds can get you down.  Montreal has all of these things.  However, that’s no reason to stop having fun, because Montreal is also the winter party capital.  Here is a short guide on how to get the most out of your snowy days, and enjoy the magic that is a Montreal winter.

Ice Skating

Winter weather doesn’t mean you have to stay inside to get your exercise.  Montrealers love to get outside and enjoy snow, whether it is skiing on Mont Royal, ice fishing at the Old Port, or skating at one of the many ice rinks around the city.  Favourite spots include Beaver Lake at Mont Royal, parc Lafontaine and the old port.  You can use the Patiner Montreal website to find out where the rinks are, and what condition they are in.  Don’t forget to dress warmly!


First run in 2007, this outdoor music festival has now grown to be one of the staple events of the Montreal winter party scene.  Starting on January 16th, artists from all over the world gather in Montreal to play in front of large outdoor crowds at the Old Port.  If you like electronic music, this is a festival you cannot miss!

Montréal en Lumière

The premier winter event of Montreal returns again this year for its 16th edition.  Concerts, food, public displays and more are all part of this winter tradition, which takes place at Place des Arts.  Perhaps the most well known event is the “nuit blanche” or “white night”.  On February 28th, the city of Montreal will stay awake all night, with free entry to museums, art galleries and film screenings all across the city.


Hopefully with this info you can turn your winter frown upside down, and get outside and enjoy yourself.  No city does winter like Montreal does, so enjoy it while you can!

Article: Terry

Photo credit: Wikipedia 


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