Okonomiyaki Party @ CLC!

Last Friday, CLC hosted an evening community meal with a Japanese twist.  Students, staff and the community were all invited to join us in preparing one of the famous comfort foods of Japan, okonomiyaki!

photo credit: Youkyeong Park


Okonomiyaki is a classic Japanese dish, and it is prepared like a savoury pancake.  There are many types, but they all include chopped cabbage and dashi as main part of the batter.  The sight of a hot okonomiyaki pancake being fried on a grill is enough to bring you right back to the noisy streets of Osaka, the spiritual home of the dish.

photo credit: Youkyeong Park

CLC hosts a community meal on the first Friday of every month.  The event is always open to everyone, and there is a different theme each month.   The wonderful diversity of CLC students always brings exciting recipes to the school, so check out our facebook page to find out when, and what we will be cooking together next!

Until next time, itadakimasu!

photo credit: Youkyeong Park


Article: Terry

Photo credits: Youkyeong Park




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