5 Questions with Precilla


Have you met Precilla? This young lady is our graphic designer intern since August. Discover more about her through these 5 questions.

1. Can you introduce yourself?

Hi my name is Precilla, I am a 23 year old graphic designer. I am interested in art, fashion, baking and studying different cultures.

2. What do you think about CLC?

I love CLC’s friendly environment , I find it is different from other places. I feel it is like a big family because everybody is nice and positive.

3. Who inspires you and why?

Jacob Cass, he is a graphic designer. He gives helpful tips and tricks on his website. He shows different techniques, and his ideas are nice.

Cassey Ho,  who is a Youtuber, website owner (blogilates) and fitness instructor. I like her because she motivates me to live a proactive lifestyle, she is positive and makes exercising fun.

4. What do you think of Montreal?

Montreal is interesting because it has many different cultures, it is mixed. There are many different places in Montreal where you can experience things as if you were traveling. Traveling in Montreal is like traveling across the world!

5. What is your favorite quote, saying or proverb?

Oscar Wilde said “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes“. I like it because no matter how many mistakes you make, it gives you experience. So this way you don’t do the same mistake again.

-interview by Ben


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