Canadian Movies to Watch


It’s a rainy day.  You are stuck at home.  You might wonder… where can I find CANADIAN English AND French movies to watch?

Allow me to present to you… *drum roll*… the National Film Board of Canada:

“We offer free streaming of documentary and animated films as well as interactive stories, all of which explore the world we live in from a Canadian point of view.”

Channels available range from Kids’ movies, Aboriginal people, Arts, History, to Human Rights.  This site is especially interesting if you are enjoy exploring what the Canadian identity is.

One of our teachers, Mark, recommends:

French films:

Le chandail” – 10 min 21 secs, animated film by Sheldon Cohen.
À Saint-Henri le cinq septembre” – 41 mins 41 sec, documentary by Hubert Aquin

English films:

The Cat Came Back” – 7 min 40 secs, animated film by Cordell Barker
Ladies and Gentlemen: Leonard Cohen” – 44 mins 1 sec, documentary by Donald Brittain & Don Owen
Happy viewing!

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