A City of Surprises


Plateau Tour

During last Friday’s weekly activity, CLC students got a chance to take a tour around Montreal’s hippest neighborhoods, Mile End and The Plateau.  CLC offers Friday events to all our students as a chance to not only have fun in Montreal, but to get a real chance to practice their language in the real world.

This week we catch up with one of our French language students,

Can you introduce yourself to us?

Ok, I’m Yumeko Manage, and I’m from Japan.  I’m a law student in Tokyo, and I came to Montreal to study French, and some English as well.

Is there a special reason you chose CLC?

I want to learn French, so in Japan I learned written French, but I want to be a good French speaker.  CLC is a school that focuses on speaking, so I thought it was nice!

Let’s talk about last Fridays trip.  What was the trip like, and what was your favorite part?

Ok, first we went to a cafe (Le Falco), and it was so nice!  The cafe had a really nice interior, a really nice design, they had bicycles hanging from the ceiling.  It was so cool!  The coffee was so good, and the chocolate brownie was so good as well.

After that, we went to an ice cream shop (Kem CoBa), but there was a long line. However, the ice cream so so nice!

How was it different?

I’ve eaten really sweet ice cream before, but this ice cream, for me, was just right.  Not too sweet!  Also, the flavors were really interesting, I have never seen some of them before!Then we went for a walk down St. Laurent, and we saw many cool shops!  I saw a European style grocery store, with cheese and meat.  I also saw Schwartz, the famous smoked meat shop of Montreal!  My favorite store was the candy store though, they had so many different candies that I’ve never seen before, and you could take a bag and choose your own.  I bought lots of souvenirs for my friends and family.

Do you think the activities at CLC help with the learning of French and English?

Well, we’ve been on picnics before, and we get to walk around so much, and get a real feeling of the streets of Montreal.  I get to talk to real people from Montreal, and it’s not like a classroom!

Were there any surprises on the trip?

Oh, yeah!  During our trip, we found a big street festival!  It was so nice, so many people selling clothes, and food.  We were not expecting it, so it was a real surprise!  I guess in Montreal, there are so many festivals, you can be surprised by them all the time. There were so many people coming out to join!  In Japan, we don’t get festivals like that.

Anything else to say?

I’ve only got ten more days left, but I really want to go around some more, and explore more!  I really love Montreal, and CLC!

-Interview by Terry



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