Vernissage and Storytelling

Taketori monogatari by Ritsuko Otsuka

We invite you this Friday to the vernissage of Maya Kuroki, a Japanese multidisciplinary artist living in Montreal, and her mother Ritsuko Otsuka, also artist but who lives in Japan. Maya won many awards as a musician with the band she founded in 2004 and during her journey she also painted alot. Art runs in the family bloodline since Ritsuko, her mother, worked 20 years in a graphic design company before starting making illustration on her own and touring Japan.

Artworks from both artists will be exhibited this Friday August 22nd at CLC from 17h to 19h. During the event, attendees can also experience kamishibai, a traditional Japanese form of storytelling using illustrations (click here for a video explanation). Don’t miss your chance to attend this unique exhibit by reserving your free ticket on Eventbrite.


Sharekobe by Maya Kuroki

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