Weekend read: Petty Theft


Petty Theft – La Collectionneuse (2013) Graphic Novel / Bande Dessinée

Have you been trying to find a book to enjoy in the park this weekend? How about a light-hearted Mile End love story between a comic artist and a kleptomaniac, written in that casual language that we hear everyday. Petty Theft (La Collectionneuse in French) is your perfect weekend read. Petty Theft is a graphic novel that follows Pascal Girard, the author, as he tries to reassemble his life after a hard break-up. Finding himself completely uninspired and unmotivated to get back to art, he moves in with his friend and tries to start over.  His path weaves the reader through the streets of the hip Montreal neighbourhood, the Mile End, with some familiar facades that many may recognize: Wilensky’s, Drawn and Quarterly Librairie, Nouveau Palais to name a few. So grab yourself a copy and take a stroll to the shady Parc Lhasa-De Sela for a stellar afternoon.



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