5 Questions with…

2014-05-05 16.24.30Frances Torlage, English language volunteer at CLC

Tell us about yourself and what you do.

I am a South African, currently learning and improving my French with the help of the wonderful teachers at CLC.  I have been a long-time attendee at CLC’s French tea-time, and volunteer at English tea-time.  I grew up and lived in South Africa until coming to Montreal three years ago with my husband, when he was recruited to take responsibility for a project for a bank here.  I have two sons in their twenties, one working in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the other in Toronto.  I have worked in human resources, and in Montreal, I do some volunteering as well as work on improving my French (an on-going project!).  I have run a number of half marathons and enjoy the challenge of training for them and keeping fit.  I also enjoy reading and cycling.

Favourite quote:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke)

Favourite things about Montreal:

Cycling lanes, getting around on the metro, the cultural diversity and friendliness of the people, the summer months, the history and architecture of Old Montreal, CLC and the people I have met there

Who do you admire most:  

Nelson Mandela – he was imprisoned for 27 years for his political ideals.  When he was released from prison by the then South African government, rather than seek revenge he chose to negotiate with that government to reach a peaceful political transition for the country.  Remarkably, he sought reconciliation and he chose to forgive.

What does the word “thrive” mean to you:  

Suggests being healthy, happy, energised and growing.


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