CLC’s Partnership with Crudessence

Once a month, our blog will further detail the partnership between CLC and other businesses who share the vision of a living systems approach. Partnerships with CLC of any kind come about because of common values, as each strive to achieve excellence in their respective domains. Crudessence would be one such example.

Offering foods that “nourish and renew the body” Crudessence believe “a diet high in living foods is an environmental and economic commitment that leads to greater self expression, community involvement and global health.” This is where CLC and Crudessence intersect; both follow a larger movement of thrivability, helping us to feel “alive” as it were both physically and mentally, be it through the culture of food or the culture of learning.

The intention behind their workshops at the CLC space is to expose staff, students and others to information on nutrition, culinary techniques, recipes, and the philosophy of living foods. In turn, Crudessence come into closer contact with the Montreal-West community, a market they may not otherwise have explored. If both CLC and Crudessence are new to you, kill two birds with one stone by stopping by to check out the next workshop.



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