Lac Simon


It’s not all about the classroom; learning, like communication happens in different ways. A few CLC teachers and students learned just that when they took a weekend trip to Lac Simon, a municipality in the Outaouais region of Quebec, only a 2-hour road trip from Montreal.  It was the perfect place to get a little taste of that stereotypical Canadian winter so often seen in guidebooks as they stayed in log cabins by a frozen lake, surrounded by forest,  snowy hills and a curious deer which appeared at their cabin windows in the morning. As luck would have it, there was an ice-fishing tournament  happening that same weekend and the CLC gang were invited to one of the participant’s log cabin for hot dogs and soup afterward.

While daytime was spent doing outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, tubing and having good old snowball fights in the evenings, the group stayed up until the early hours playing word games, sharing pop culture references from North America and doing their best impressions of TV personalities. Newer students, shy at first, came out of their shell by the last day and were more willing to challenge themselves in games that seemed too difficult the first night. Friendships emerged also and strong bonds began to form. There was a definite spirit of openness and cooperation with everyone pitching in on food and this little out of town out-door adventure was a much needed break from the usual four walls of school. Travel and experiences are great teachers.

And as a wise old Canadian once sang : “you live, you learn”.
“It was good getting to know people outside of school. And tubing was a blast!  I’d never done it before.” – Sally
“I really enjoyed the trip to Lac Simon not only because it was a picture-perfect example of a rural Quebec winter retreat, but also because it gave me a chance to observe how newcomers react to what can be a radically different and challenging environment.”
“It was amazing! I felt like a child. The scenery was very beautiful. The activities were very fun and funny. I made many new friends!” – Elodie

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