5 Questions With…

Arnel Javier
Tell us about yourself and what you do.
I am the Founder and General Director of Culture & Language Connections.
I was born in Batangas, the youngest of 12.  I grew up in Toronto, Scarborough and Markham.  Studied History and Education in Kingston, French in Chicoutimi and Photography in Etobicoke.  Volunteered in Nelson and taught in Jinjou, Dalian, Hiroshima, and Daito.  I returned to Canada to teach and photograph in Montreal before giving birth to CLC.
Favourite quote or saying?
Discover beauty in (the) every day.
What inspires you to reach your goals?
To believe that we are all blessed with life and talent to make a difference.
Why does the word ‘thrive’ mean to you?
To thrive means to strive towards becoming fully alive and celebrating all aspects that makes us human.
Any words of wisdom for readers?
Always aim to discover and develop your talent.  Never hesitate to share that talent unconditionally in service of the community.  Have faith that the positivity we release into the world will return to us, sometimes in ways beyond our imagination.

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