Welcoming Winter

IMG_1193IMG_1200Photo credits: Ricardo Arthur

The dead of winter – the perfect expression to describe Montreal at this time of year. OK –  things aren’t actually dead, but people, places and things definitely seem dormant.  But just because the city’s sleeping doesn’t mean you have to. It’s a new year!  Time to recharge and reset.  Here are 5 ways to get a fresh start.

Wander through a park

Montreal’s parks are pretty in summer, but they can be equally as nice in winter. If you’re brave enough to brave the cold, a stroll through a park you’re only used to seeing in warmer weather might prove interesting.

Go underground

Discover pathways you didn’t know existed.

There’s no better time to discover Montreal’s famous “underground city” so often written about in guide books. (Spoiler alert! There is no underground city; no secret society of mole people living in hovels that only come up to the surface for daylight.)  The underground city is basically a bunch of connected shopping malls and subway stations you can walk through without having to step one foot outside in -25.

Skate, Skate, Skate!

Montreal and cold weather seem to go hand-in-hand so if you have to be outside, why not enjoy your time while you’re at it?  Many parks in the city have skating rinks (Mount Royal and Lafontaine are 2 of the most popular) and if you have your own pair of skates, it’s free!

Party at Igloofest

Taking the club to the streets, more precisely the Old Port, Igloofest (http://www.igloofest.ca/) is Montreal’s version of an outdoor rave. You’ll be dancing so much to the live DJs, the cold will go unnoticed while you’re surrounded by giant beer sculptures and bars made completely out of ice.

Happening Gourmand

Not too far away from Igloofest and still in the Old Port, there’s Happening Gourmand (http://happeninggourmand.com) for foodies to visit one of the 9 upscale restaurants participating this year which are offering reduced priced menus for a limited time.



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