CLC’s Holiday Potluck


CLC’s annual holiday potluck was held this past Friday and it was a blast.  DJ Baril was on site to spin some tunes and transformed the space into a dance club!  Guests came with a variety of delicious homemade dishes like masala chicken and chickpeas, sesame quinoa salad, and savoury olive cake, just to name a few.  Moreover, the CLC community filled 2 boxes of non-perishable food for the St-Monica Food Pantry AND donated a total of $200 for Red Cross Canada.

It was a true blessing to get to see people from different parts of our family together: our students, teachers and staff members, language tea time lovers, Thrivability Montreal group members and dear friends like the Zenith Cleaners‘ team and their clients who shared with us their enthusiasm and visions of how they want to create transformational experiences that promote growth for all.  We couldn’t have asked for a warmer Christmas gathering!

As we reflect on this past year and remember all the amazing people we have crossed paths with in the CLC space, we would like to thank all of you for being a part of our family!




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