How to prepare for Montreal’s winter

It snowed for the first time this fall, which means that… winter is knocking on our door and our French students are already protesting it. :p

winterprotest(Photo credits: Sodary Hy)

Staff members at CLC have taken our shelves out.  When the streets begin to be covered in snow, the city of Montreal will lay salt on the sidewalks and roads.  CLC students/staff/guests will be obliged to take off their boots and change into their own shoes or slippers provided by the school.  This prevents the salt laid on the streets from damaging our floors.


Meanwhile, we’ve received a lot of great advice by the CLC online community on how to prepare for winter:

“Invest in a good coat and boots which are waterproof . Other than that wear lots of layers and don’t think of it as cold but think of it as an experience and get out and go enjoy the delights of winter.” – Austin

“Embrace it! Get plenty of warm clothes. Don’t be afraid to wear snow pants just for walking around town. And find something playful to do outside, as often as possible.” – Michelle

“Feel the cold as long as possible, that means, do not wear your winter coat too early. You need something warm and cozy when it is REALLY cold.” – Kerstin

“Take a hot shower when you get out of bed! Right away so the heat stays in you for the coldest part of the day!” – Stéphanie

In summary, bundle up, but not so much that you cannot comfortably go skating at the Old Port or Parc Lafontaine!



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