CLC’s featured artist: Minh Vovan

Aside from being a language school, CLC Montreal is also a community center and art gallery.  That said, the space has been welcoming art work for 3 years.  Several fantastic paintings have been featured in the corridors and classrooms, including the works of Darlene St-Georges, Oliver Elorza, Summer Geraghty, Natasha Henderson, etc.  Moreover, classrooms 3 and 4 double as permanent exhibition rooms for the “mail art” (art on postcards) we have received from around the world.

We are currently showcasing “The fantastic world of Minh Vovan”:

“Born in 1984 in Montreal, drawing has always been part of my life. I started to do the drawing while I was in elementary school and I started painting in 2008 with the oil painting and more later with acrylic paint.

My main medium is now acrylic because of the fast drying and the ability to use additions to acrylic. I chose to paint to better diversify my art and try to renew myself. I love creating things out of my imagination and do things that have never been made. I am constantly looking for new ideas.

Art has always been a passion for me. Imagination and originality are my priorities. I always try to find ways to improve my art. My artistic research will continue to be open to new experiences.”

Come by and take a look!

Centaur Face Tatoo Master



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