The final L1 topic

During the first period of class, also known as L1, students are required to present topics regularly to get them to practice the grammar and vocabulary that they have learned.  They are also expected to lead a conversation based on their topic to practice their fluency and build conversation skills.  During this period, the teacher’s primary role is to correct the students as they speak.

It’s a crucial period to attend not only because of the amount of speaking practice a student gets, but also because it’s an opportunity to really get to know one another.  So much cultural learning happens during this first class that it enriches your life that much more.

Sometimes, we also come across bittersweet topics such as the one below, when a student made her final presentation:

“Every beginning has an end.  Today, my story at CLC has come to an end, at least for now.  I admit that I suck at goodbyes.  I don’t have that hardness in my heart to understand that life is like a bus; many people get on but also many people get off.  It’s like a cycle.

Today, I want to tell each one of you: Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with me and for writing this beautiful page in our book of life together.

CLC was more than a school.  It was the opportunity to travel around the world with your stories about your countries.  I could say that CLC is not only a place where each teacher puts his best effort to help us improve and progress as a student.  It’s also a place where we could feel how they enjoy their job because they do it with love and dedication for each student in this school.  I don’t believe that you could find another school like this. 

Finally, I wish the best for you.  In Venezuela, you have a friend who will always be happy to hear from you.  I hope to share with you the extra activities and not the end of our friendship.


It’s always a good feeling to know that you are a part of something so wonderful. 😀

CLC 1Tina


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