Arepas Tumbarrancho

CLC has been a superb place for foodies these days!  Not long ago, we were making “emergency” kimchi together, followed by Peruvian ceviche.  Mind you, food is an integral part of sharing each other’s culture!

This time, during the last Latin Party at CLC, Maria, Belmiro, Majerlin, and Vanessa from Venezuela taught the guests how to make “Arepas Tumbarrancho”.  Most people knew what arepas were, which are sandwiches made with corn flour bread.  However, they didn’t necessarily know what “Arepas Tumbarrancho” were.


In Maracaibo, it is typical of Venezuelans to put bologna and cheese in the middle of the cooked arepas bread, dip it in egg and then deep fry the whole thing.  Once it is out of the fryer, it is encouraged to put even more ingredients inside the sandwich, such as ketchup, mayo, avocado, ham, more cheese, etc.


If you had the chance to attend this event, you would have also enjoyed the salsa dancing session lead by Vanessa to help work all the calories off!




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