The Story of J-Dogs

CLC Montreal's J-Dogs

CLC Montreal’s J-Dogs

Matsuri Japon is a Japanese cultural festival that takes place in Montreal every summer. The festival showcases Japanese performances and activities, as well as offers many tasty food options such as takoyaki (fried octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (savory cabbage pancakes). One of the most eye-catching food booths at Matsuri Japon is the “J-dog” booth. Initially, the booth was a skeptical sight for festival attendees; one usually does not assume a hot dog to be a traditional Japanese dish. Despite the oddity, CLC Montreal’s J-Dog stand has become a staple booth at the Matsuri Japon festival.

J-dogs are essentially hot dogs dressed with Japanese-inspired condiments. They are a unique spin on an old classic. A popular choice from the booth is the “Okonomiyaki dog”. This special dog is given a nice drizzle of sweet okonomiyaki sauce and is topped with katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), nori (dried seaweed) and beni shoga (pickled ginger). Another favorite choice is the “kimchi hot dog”. This hot dog is dressed with a generous helping of kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage) and a drizzle of mayonnaise.

The Kimchi J-Dog is always a top choice at the stand.

The Kimchi J-Dog is always a top choice at the stand.

CLC Montreal has been serving up these special hot dogs at Matsuri Japon for four years now. In addition to offering an interesting food option to festival attendees, the main goal of CLC Montreal’s hot dog booth is to allow the language school and its students to become involved in the local Japanese community. By volunteering at the festival, students are encouraged to attend the annual cultural event and also get a taste of what fundraising is like in Canada.

This year, CLC Montreal is aiming to sell five hundred hot dogs. In years past, the stand has sold out every single dog. Make sure to stop by the stand and get yours tomorrow!  The festival will be held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal on Saturday, August 10th, 20 from 12 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The closest metro station is Jarry on the Blue Line. See you all there!


Several students and teachers volunteered at Matsuri Japon 2010.

Several students and teachers volunteered at Matsuri Japon 2010.


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