Crepes and galettes



We recently asked CLC Montreal fans on Facebook whether they knew what a “galette” was and to our luck, Lea, a CLC Facebook fan from France, responded.  We ended up learning more about crepes AND galettes.  She explained that we say crepes in French Brittany too.  The word “galette” is used near Rennes and cooked on a regular frying pan.  Sweet and salty crepes are usually cooked on a “crêpière” or in other words, a special crepe-making pan.

« En Bretagne on dit des crêpes aussi ! On utilise le mot galette près de Rennes, par exemple la galette saucisse, ou quand on les fait sur une poêle, en general c’est que sucré.
Les crêpes sucrées(froment) et salées (blé noir) sont faites sur une billig (c’est le mot en breton) ou crêpière. » – Lea

French teachers at CLC add that galettes are normally salty and crepes are usually sweet, and that is the main difference between the two.

That said, I hope you are all ready for the CLC crepe party tonight… We’re going sweet all the way!



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