What is it like to be a student at CLC Montreal?

Maybe some of you have been wondering about this question.

Mattia Manuel-Verginella, an English student, gives his account of his experience here.

Where are you from?

I’m from Italy.  I live near Venice.

Why did you come to Montreal?

Because Montreal is a very big international city and there are a lot of opportunities.

What do you like about Montreal?

I love the different types of people and different languages.

How would you describe your time at CLC?

I love the place.  I love the kitchen because we are very relaxed, we don’t rush here, and we are friends.  I can come here when I don’t have lessons to speak with some people.  I love it because it is another world for me.

How is this world different from your other world?

The teachers are friends.  In my world, I am a student and the difference between teacher and student is very important. The student is a student and the teacher is a teacher.  Here, I enjoy with them and they can understand me.

What would you miss the most about this place?

I love this school.  I love Mont-Royal.  The people are open.  Here, I don’t only learn a language, but I also learn about other cultures and how the people see my culture.  Now, I can see things from another point of view.

From the teacher’s perspective, CLC is an enjoyable teaching and learning environment because it is full of students like Mattia, who have a constant enthusiasm to share and learn, a high ambition to use new vocabulary and grammar, and a desire to further their understanding by asking questions.  It’s going to be a happy summer!




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