New art at CLC


Artist Darlene St-Georges currently has her paintings displayed at CLC Montreal.  They are absolutely stunning, with teachers in the space describing them as “beautiful”, “awesome” and “containing a sense of dynamism that make me feel like energy is flowing through the space”.

This is how Darlene describes her work:

“My artistic practice combines research and creation and is an exploration of organic forms and energy that I respond to in nature.  I believe these ‘connections’ trigger a deep knowledge rooted within me, which enables me to perceive myself in relationship with my environment. I recognize that what I respond to in my environment is within me; a mirroring of sorts.  So by examining these more deeply I am essentially engaging in an ontological process of understanding more deeply, not only my personal sense of identity, but my sense of humanity – what it means to be human.

These images engage me and perhaps you as a viewer in a dialogue about life, about death, life cycles, beauty and survival.  They act as metaphors of intrinsic knowledge that is in all of us; rooted in our humanity and accessible through our perceptions, insight, intuition and imagination.

It is a pleasure to share these works with you.


Her work can be viewed Monday through Thursday between 4pm and 6pm, June 10 to July 29, 2013.




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